Equestrian is considered as an elite sport. Much like escort services, decent money is needed in this pursuit. This being said, the rewards of this sport are all worth it. To be at the top, one must be extra competitive. After all, professional horseback riding qualifies as an Olympic sport. You will come across with other world class contenders and high level professional riders.

It is no easy feat getting that trophy. One must make great sacrifices if they’re really serious with what they’re doing. There are times that a top level equestrian competitor had to forgo his/her desire for a stable (no pun intended) relationship. Because of this, some are forced to seek relief through escort services.

Moreover, the trainings both on the part of the rider and the horse are intense. Remember that in this sport, the competition is fierce and sometimes cutthroat. Therefore, they have to be always on their A-game.

Training for Success

Equestrians don’t necessarily need to have their own horses. More often than not, they ride their clients’ horses when joining a tournament. However, they should have a strong backbone and a great deal of will power for them to succeed.

Aside from personal qualities, trainings are important in professional horse riding. Trainings for horses involve exercises that will strengthen their muscles and endurance. In addition, there are simple activities that will let the horse practice their skills.

According to an equine consultant, there are basically two types of preparation for horses. The first one is a physical training where the physical capabilities of the horse are boosted and enhance. Examples are running faster, accelerating quickly and jumping higher. The main focus of these exercises is the muscle movements and the heart.

The other form of training entails skills development and behavior adjustment. Drills associated with this do not encompass physical improvements on the horse. Examples are training on dressage movements and mounting into the saddle.

For riders, they have to train like normal athletes. The only difference is that they have to foster a good relationship with their horses. Like what the popular adage says “It takes two to tango”, the rider and the horse must work well if they want to win. However, establishing a bond with your horse ain’t that easy. For you to succeed there will be instances where you have to put your relationship with your horse above everything else. But, hey! No pain, no gain. Right?