We are no stranger to the perversity and depravity of humans, thanks to the Internet. The images from these aberrations can’t easily be forgotten, regardless of whether or not we enjoy the kinkiness we see. For instance, there are people who get horny and sexually stimulated by animals. As bizarre as it may sound, the large appendages of horses get some women turned on.

Zoophilia and Bestiality

We all have our own kinks. Some are weird and (probably) disgusting, while others are run-of-the-mill. There are those who think that certain animals are better in bed than live girls or real, actual guys. As a matter of fact, having sex with animals in European countries, such as Denmark, Hungary and Finland, are ordinary and usual. Bonking with animals or bestiality is ubiquitous as early as the 1940s. According to a sex scientist during that time, at least 8 percent of men and 3.6 percent of women did “it” with animals.

There is also another form of the desire to have sexual intimacy with animals. Known as zoophilia, people who consider themselves as zoophiles don’t actually make whoopee with animals. Nonetheless, this kink does turn them on.


Zoophiles who get sexually aroused to horses are called equinophiles. There are different scenarios in which the libidos of men and women are stimulated by horses. For one, women can reach orgasm just by riding on the back of a horse.

The physical appearance of a horse’s large penis creates vaginal aches on women. The idea of getting penetrated by a stallion makes women horny. There is a data that shows that 33 percent of women enjoy having sex with men who have thick and long dongs. This is why some women get sexually aroused just by looking at a horse, and most especially to its big appendage.

Men do get sexually attracted, and sometimes aroused, to horses, too. Some call this kink as “pony play”, which is a normal but an unusual human fetish. Moreover, this carnal fixation can be traced to the role playing stimulation and sub/dominant culture in humans.

As mentioned earlier, some Westerners do enjoy having sex with animals. In Switzerland, Tier im Recht, a welfare group for animals, reported that a tenth of maltreatment cases to horses involved having sex with them. In Australia, a woman was indicted for having it off with a horse. While in the United States, a man died from internal injuries for having anal sex with a stallion.

Indeed, horses stimulate the libidos of both men and women. In some extreme and rare cases, this sexual enthusiasm leads to vaginal and/or anal penetration.